LED String Lights
LED String Lights
There are so many reasons to adapt & love OUR LED mini lights.

LED String Lights

LED Christmas Lights are the energy efficient replacement for incandescent mini lights, saving you time and money while actually improving on light display through brilliant illumination and vivid coloration. Upgrade from the traditional incandescent mini lights with M5 or 5mm mini lights so you can enjoy bulbs that last longer. Use G12 balls or C6 teardrops in areas where you want to add more design flair.

There are so many reasons to love LED mini lights. They are prelamped with non-removable bulbs which prevent moisture from seeping into sockets. This patented one piece construction prevents corrosion and prolongs the life of your light strings. Fused stackable plugs allow you connect multiple strings together safely without needing extra outlets. These light strings also have tighter twists which reduces tangling, saving you time and making decorating even easier. All our LED lights are engineered for color consistency, so the first bulb on the string will match the last bulb on the string.

Wrap trees, wreaths, garland, porches, banisters, and more with these bright lights as you decorate for Christmas parties, family dinners, or weddings. However you use them, these brilliant lights are sure to provide vibrant ambiance at your next function.

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