LED Aquarium Lights
Smart LED Aquarium Light of Aquarium Lighting on CPU-programmed Automatic Functional Types powered 60W/90W/120W.
This model is the Smart LED Aquarium Light 60W by SONWELL LEDs / SHANWINS.
Bracket Type / Pendant Type
We can male and supply you LED aquarium light / led grow lights 60W/90w/120w/150W
OK at Automatic LED aquarium lights on marine fishes and corals
OK at Sea water fish marine aquaculture fishes and coral growing led lights

Product sizes:
650 x 185 x 130mm (60W)
950 x 185 x 130mm (90W)
1250 x 185 x 130mm (120W)

SONWELL LED smart lighting can be set to create sunshine and demo sunrise to sunset in automatic daytime working to meet and supply the effective sunlight for marine aquaculture fishes, corals and any other sea water organisms
Manual setting is also available to meet the special needs on the growing of seawater organisms, on sea water fishes/marine aquaculture fishes and corals (coral reef)
Models of manual set/automatic set:
LCD displays
Button K1/K2/K3/K4 (for Working Modes Set.)
Built-in CPU-programmed
OEM / ODM orders are welcomed via: by SONWELL
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