LED Grow Lamp
Smart LED Grow Light of Grow Lighting by SONWELL
This is the Smart LED grow lights of 21W by SONWELL LEDs. This selling model is 21W of E26/E27 Socket Model, promoting at the price of 50% off for more customers to learn more about the excellent developing on LED Grow Lights by SONWELL.
By the way, We can supply 10w to 100W for the regular orders on the same style of LED Grow Lights and the Smart Kits can be optional.
The Smart models with The details as below:
1. More effective CPU-programmed inside automatic LED grow lights, especially on the most plants of flowers and fruits.
2. Full spectrum designed, with the automatic working on the 3 phases of roots/stems/leaves, flowers and fruits.
3. Environment-friendly productions on Energy saved
4. Long lifespan 50000 hours average
5. Manual Smart-modes are also available
6. This LED smart lighting can be set to create sunshine and demo sunrise to sunset in automatic daytime working to meet and supply the right and effective sunlight to the plants growing in doors and it can be set into the programs of 7x24 hours glowing.

OEM/ODM orders welcomed.
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